Are Dental Implants Safe?
Osseointegrated dental implants are the state of the art in modern dentistry. They are implanted into the bone, using local anesthesia (like "novacaine"). These new titanium "roots" actually bond or integrate with the patient's bone, and can become more secure than a natural root would perform. Most often, the osseointegrated implant is more stable than a natural tooth's root. The titanium bonds to the bone and is different than a tooth, which has a ligamentous suspension in the bone. Even though implants can become infected and fail, the percentage chances for success are much greater than for failure. Extensive research for more than three decades in the United States and abroad has resulted in universal acceptance for the use of titanium for implants due to its biological compatibility with the human body.  Early and continued studies with implants have shown that those patients treated with these modern osseointegrated implants continue to enjoy healthy, stable smiles.