What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants can make a huge change in the quality of your life with increased confidence and comfort in eating, speaking, singing, smiling, and yes, even kissing.

First, the retention of a loose denture can be improved incredibly with 2 implants and attachments to retain the denture. The replacement of dentures with something that stays in the mouth securely for any person can make life more fulfilling.

Second, a single tooth can be replaced with and implant and a fixed crown. This can be done for single teeth or for multiple teeth with two or more implants. A "root replacement" for a tooth that has been or is planned for extraction is the most common application for an implant. In many cases this allows a person to have a replacement tooth the day the implant is placed (as long as the implant is stable at surgery).

Third, bone resorbs (dissolves) away with pressure over time. Implants can help stop this insidious loss of bone. The implant helps to maintain the bone that is present at the time of placement. Depending on the area of the mouth, this can make a life changing benefit that cannot be recovered.

There are many other benefits, but the most consistent reported by the patients is the change in the quality of life.

Implant Questions and Answers


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