What is the cost for dental implants?

Dental implants are a tooth root replacement "anchor." There are separate fees for the placement of the implant(s) by the Periodontist or Oral Surgeon and the susequent restoration of the implant(s) by the Prosthodontist.

Placement of the implant -

Depending on who places the implants, how many implants are placed, and your medical condition, the fees for the implant(s) will vary. The fees for this service can be estimated but ultimately the surgeon, the Periodontist or Oral Surgeon, will decide on the fee. They will discuss the placement process, and their fees with you as well as the time for healing and finally the restoration.

Restoration - Depending on what is attached to that implant anchor will vary the fee for restoration.  Generally, an implant can act as a single tooth (crown), as part of a multiple tooth restoration (bridge), or as a part of a retentive or supportive element for a bridge, partial denture or complete denture.

See more in How Implants are Restored.  

Implant Questions and Answers

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