How do I maintain my dental implants?

Dental implants are not going to decay but they are subject to loss of support if infection sets in around the gums and bone of the implant. So it is absolutely very important that you clean and care for your implants just like you would care for teeth., by brushing adn flossing and other care methods. Regular follow-up visits to teh office are essential to check for postiential problems and provide routine maintainence.

The long-term success of implants depends on how well they are maintained.  Your dentist will develop a dental visit program to ensure the health of your implants and remaining natural teeth.

Periodontal disease can strike when teeth and gums are not properly cleaned.  If left untreated bone loss, which weakens supporting structures, can lead to loss of dental implants as well as tooth loss.

Home Care:  Daily brushing and flossing are absolutely necessary for long-term success.  There are also many supplemental products that allow you to clean the implants properly.  Your dentist will design a home care regime that will suit your individual needs.

Brushing:  Your dentist may recommend a cordless electric toothbrush.  Whether you use a standard brush or electric toothbrush, your dentist and hygienist will review your brushing techniques to ensure that you are cleaning the area properly.
Oral Irrigation Systems:  Research has shown that oral irrigation is effective in reducing plaque accumulation around dental implants and natural teeth.  Your dentist may also suggest that you use a special mouth rinse.  But this does NOT replace brushing and flossing.
Flossing: Good home care includes daily flossing. Floss threaders are very helpful in allowing you to reach around implants, under bridges and bars so these areas can be easily cleaned.  Your dentist may also recommend special types of floss.
Interproximal Brushes:  These small dental brushes, also called "Proxy Brushes", are specifically designed to clean between the teeth and implants.  While not a replacement for dental floss they are helpful in cleaning hard to reach areas.

Dental Visits:  It is typically recommended that patients visit their dentist for professional cleanings every 3-6 months.  However, your dentist will design a dental visit program specifically for you.

Implant Questions and Answers

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