Practice Policies

My commitment to you is that I will make every effort to provide you the absolute best dental care available and that which I am capable of providing.  In most cases I will spend considerable time with you in the beginning for complete and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning.  We will discuss various treatment options and make a mutual decision on how to proceed with your treatment.   I want you to be comfortable with the commitment you make for your treatment. We will strive to give you...

• personal attention
• provide treatment with equipment that is comfortable and state of the art
• thorough sterilization procedures
• timely scheduling, by keeping on schedule to minimize the length of time you spend in our office
• combined care by using the services and expertise of other specialists to help in providing the best possible treatment

Financial Policies
Our patients understand that in order to deliver optimum dentistry, we must maintain our office on sound business principles. Therefore, we inform our patients of our financial policies at the very beginning of our relationship to avoid any misunderstandings.

Treatment plans are presented to all patients before any work begins. We consult with our patients so that there is full understanding of the procedures by which treatment is rendered. The costs and the time required to perform the services is also discussed. If at any time it is necessary to change the treatment plan and additional charges or credits are applicable, this is explained to the patient and agreed to before the services are rendered.

Prior to the commencement of treatment, fees and financial arrangements will be discussed with you. We accept major credit cards and personal checks.

Payment for the examination appointment is due at the time the services are rendered.

Financial arrangements are not made based on insurance reimbursement. Dental insurance typically has limited impact toward coverage of comprehensive care.  Insurance coverage is a pact between the patient and their carrier,  not between the carrier and the dentist.   So this practice will be happy to provide you with all the necessary dental codes and fees on your statements for you to make appropriate claims with your carrier, but we do not accept insurance coverage for payment of services provided.  We do not file insurance claims as this is the responsibility of the patient.  However, we are pleased to help you bill your insurance carrier for you and have them reimburse you directly.

In comprehensive treatment with amounts over $10,000 we offer a 3% discount when payment is made in full by cash or personal check 48 hours before treatment is started. If additional fees are necessary to complete treatment, they will include a 3% discount.

Payment in full for prosthetic restorations is required before the delivery appointment.

The fees quoted apply only to services performed in our office and do not apply to services provided by other health care professionals and specialists associated with your treatment.

We understand that comprehensive care for the more complicated cases involves a more serious financial commitment as well.  Therefore, all payments for services are the responsibility of the patient or guardian. Simply put, we are a fee-for-service-practice.  I am not equipped nor trained to make loans, or track money like a bank can.  We accept credit cards (VISA and MasterCard), cash and checks.  If necessary we can facilitate help with a credit service company (Care Credit) that can provide financing which is negotiated directly with you through our office. We can provide you with more information on this service.

Office Policy - other

Please give us at least 48 hours notice if you must change or cancel an appointment, otherwise a fee may be charged.

We may contact your medical doctor to receive information about your general health or specific areas of concern.

Click here for the HIPPA information link.

We photograph most clinical cases. These photographs are used to educate other dental professionals as well as to help document the progress of our treatment. Consents for use of identifiable images are requested but entirely voluntary.

I thank you for your commitment to your dental and medical health and I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these matters.


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