What types of dental implants are there?

There have been many changes with implants over the years, from large custom made frameworks made specifically to fit the jaw to blade designs to take up large areas. But today they are all similar in design as "root replacements" and are solid cylinders with a fitting at the top for special posts or "abutments". Dental implants are manufactured by many reliable companies, Straumann ITI, Astra, Nobel Biocare, Implant Inovations, 3I and many others.  They come in various lengths and widths, and some are engineered differently than others for specific applications. Essentially all are made as a solid pure titanium cylindical screw that has an fitting/access at the top for another screw and special post or “abutment.”   The abutment is what is placed on top/into of the implant “root” so that it can be used to support a prosthesis (restoration of teeth - either fixed in place or removable). Each abutment is specially selected and designed for the purpose it will be used for in designing the prosthesis. Some are "prefabricated" and do not need to be modified. Some require additional parts for the prefabricated abutment. And in more complex cases customized and multiple pieces are necessary to fabricate a restoration. Because they are used in so many different ways the fees for the abutments vary and are separate from the implants.

Selection of the implant can be made by the prosthodontist in conjunction with the periodontist or oral surgeon. Selection of the abutment is left up to the prosthodontist. The anticipated function of the implant, the location in the mouth and the available bone all play a role in deciding which implant to place.

Implant Questions & Answers

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