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Dr. Hummert can provide comprehensive oral rehabilitation with fixed and/or removable prostheses.

Dr. Tom Hummert wants you to have that dental work you have always deserved. Step away from the giant, fast paced dental enviroment and enjoy personal attention to detail. We will give you the individual attention and provide care in a welcoming, hospitable environment.

You will notice that we are unique from the minute you walk into our office.  You will be introduced to a professional team who will take a sincere interest in you, your family and friends. We know that the personal care we provide, and the trust and intergrity you experience, will have you talking and referring others.

Our patients know that we care about them.  Your dental health is our number one concern.  Dr. Hummert will take the necessary time to evaluate your oral health and offer you potential treatment options, based on YOUR desires. Once we mutually determine your dental needs, we will work with you on a plan that meets your dreams. Dr. Hummert will answer any questions you may have and then make a detailed plan to provide your treatment. We work closely with other dental specialists to provide you with the best care we can and coordinate with them to treat your individual dental needs and desires.

General dentists are not Prosthodontists. Prosthodontics is a specific specialty in dentistry that requires 3 years additional Residency Training in an American Dental Association accredited graduate education program in an approved facility, like a University. This is similar in medicine to their specialties - like Cardiac Surgeons, Obstetricians, Neurologists, etc. Many general dentists may lead you to think they have specialty training by talking about Prosthodontics and what a Prosthodontist is, however in actual fact they are just general dentists, not Specialists in Prosthodontics, which takes additional training (check their credentials). See more at the link to definition of a Prosthodontist.

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Dr. Hummert has been either practicing and/or teaching dentistry for 28 years.

Seek care with a dentist who is also a Specialist in Prosthodontics, a Prosthodontist, for unique care.

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