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Dr. Hummert can provide comprehensive oral rehabilitation with fixed or removable prostheses:

Implant restorations, Crowns, Bridges, Partial Dentures, Complete Dentures, Porcelain Laminate Veneers, etc. 

What is a Prosthesis? 

Prostheses (Plural of prosthesis) - Removable or Fixed 



A prosthesis is a replacement for a missing body part.  In dentistry it is used as a general name for a single tooth or for several teeth  and missing tissue. More than one prosthesis are prostheses. The  prosthesis can be a removable prosthesis or a fixed prosthesis. 

Removable Prosthesis 

Removable prosthodontics includes replacing missing teeth and  tissue with appliances that the patients themselves can take in and out  of their mouth, such as dentures (which replace an entire arch of missing teeth) and partial dentures (which replace one or more missing teeth).

Fixed Prosthesis 

Fixed prosthodontics includes replacing missing and/or broken teeth and tissue with restorations that the patient cannot take in and out, such as veneers, crowns, bridges, and implants with a prosthesis attached. 

Implants and Implant Restorations

Small Diameter Implants

Fixed Prosthodontics - Crowns & Bridges

Removable Prosthodontics - Partial & Complete


Restorative Materials 

- Crown & Bridge

- Composites

Adjunctive Procedures

- Provisional Crowns

- Crown Lengthening

- Extractions



Caring for your Denture

Sleep Therapy

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